Brazilian Visa for Foreigners

Brasil visa for Foreigners

Brazil is increasingly showing itself in the international scenario, and this makes the interests of foreigners for the country also increase, either for business, tourism, or to live. Learn more about Brazilian visa for foreigners.

Brazilian visas for foreigners

There are still people who are unaware of Brazil’s territorial dimensions, which provide natural riches and glaring cultural differences within the same territory, but know that this is changing! There is a growing demand from foreigners wanting to know more about the Brazilain beaches, the Amazon rainforest, the carnival, among other striking and cultural characteristics of the country. Even start new projects and businesses where there are many opportunities in this vast country.

So it is interesting to know what visas types Brazil has today and how to visit and travel for business to this richness country in so many aspects.

The types of visa for foreigners

Consulates or diplomatic representations abroad issue the Brazilian permit. Like most visas, approval does not guarantee entry into the country. Thus, the official formalization will be performed at the time of immigration, which the officer will or will not let the individual enter the country.

Therefore, foreigners who want to enter the country should choose one of the visa types that most closely resemble their goals in the country:

  • Diplomatic Visa – is for foreigners who have diplomatic status and travel to Brazil on an official mission;
  • Official Visa – is used for foreign administrative officials traveling to Brazil on an official mission;
  • Courtesy Visa – for unofficial international personalities and authorities. In this case, dependents, spouses, and other family members who don’t benefit from a diplomatic visa;
  • Visit Visa – tourism, business, study, volunteer work, among other activities;
  • Temporary Visas – for research, health care, unpaid work, investors, among others.

Brazil still has a different visa for children under 18 and marriages. Besides, it has a different rule for citizens of the signatory countries of Mercosul residence Agreement (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay).

Who needs a visa?

There is no right answer to this question as it depends. Brazil has a list of countries that need a visa, or not that can be found on the official Itamaraty website. Usually, if the Brazilian needs permission to enter a particular country, the probability of this other nationality also requires a visa to enter Brazil is high. The country tends to use a reciprocity policy on the subject.

Some countries have diplomatic agreements with Brazil and do not need a visa – it is always wise to check the government website to answer questions or to hire an online consultancy.

The Brazilian Visitor Visa

The visitor visa is for those who will only stay up to 90 days in the country for a maximum of 180 days per year. This request must be filed in the Brazilian Federal Policy and must be done before the visa expires. Otherwise, the foreigner must leave the country.

Also, the visitor visa is for those who do not have any immigration purposes, such as tourism and business meetings, or for paid work. Visa permission is valid for up to 5 years.

Visitor Visa Application Procedure

Firstly, the visa application is performed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the individual will have to follow some steps. Documentation may vary by country, but in general rules the documents that the Brazilian government requests at the time of issue are as follows:

  • Valid passport – at least 6 months of validity;
  • Form fulfilled;
  • Application Delivery Receipt (RER) with protocol number;
  • Specific documents – such as return tickets for tourists;
  • Immunization certification – if applicable;
  • Photo according to ICAO standards.

After completing the form and uploading the photo through the site, another tab will open with the protocol number. You will need to print the RER and paste the same picture printed on the receipt in the corresponding field. Thus, the individual can start the process in the Brazilian consulate with the original documentation.

At the consulate, the officer will review the documentation, confirm the delivery of the request, and indicate the payment to be made. The fee can variate according to the visa type. It is non-refundable – regardless of whether or not a visa is granted. Application processing times vary by location and what type of visa, so the best way to do this is to find out the location on time.

Finally, if the individual wants to change their visa type already in Brazilian lands – this is possible. Brazil allows one kind of visa to be transformed into another but has to be requested before the expiry date.

Any Doubts?

If you are planning a business or tourism trip to Brazil and have questions about the different visa process in Brazil, schedule a consultation by clicking on the link. We clarify doubts and assist with visa application at all stages of the process and for all types of permissions.

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