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We have a purpose: create new connections of Justice and social balance.

Connections between citizens and lawyers allow access to Justice (not the Judiciary, but their rights).


Being an example.

An example of an increasingly better legal service, for an increasing public, with more quality.

To be an example for thousands of law firms, we even hope to go beyond innovation and improvements in the quality of legal service.

For us, the lawyer is the one who sits shoulder to shoulder with the individual and, for this reason, the law has a relevant role; we believe that it should be part of society’s sense of Justice.

Know our team of Lawyers

Eduardo Koetz

Lawyer, professor, and founder of Koetz Advocacia, a specialist in Social Security, Labor, Tax Advisory, and Office Management Law. He’s Koetz Advocacia’s manager, supervising and assisting in all sectors.

OAB/SC 42.934

OAB/RS 73.409

OAB/PR 72.951

OAB/SP 435.266

OAB/MG 204.531

Marcela Cunha

Lawyer and partner at Koetz Advocacia, a specialist in Social Security Law and Civil Procedure Law.
She is responsible for the analysis of new clients’ cases, identifying and planning the best strategies for the success of the demands.

OAB/SC 47.372 | OAB/RS 110.535A

Murilo Mella

Lawyer and partner at Koetz Advocacia, a specialist in Social Security Law.

Murilo works in the legal sector, being responsible for managing incapacity and appeals processes, working in the Higher Courts.

OAB/SC 50.180

Leandro Sturmer

Lawyer, partner at Koetz Advocacia, and specialist in Social Security and Labor Law.

Acts in the instruction stage of the office’s social security lawsuits and supervises the conclusion of the administrative process. In addition, provides technical support to other judicial stages, such as statements of claims and appeals.

OAB/SP 327.874 | OAB/SC 64.834

Lílian Cardoso

Lawyer and partner at Koetz Advocacia, a specialist in Social Security Law. She operates in the legal sector in the production of initial petitions and is responsible for the entire phase of judicial execution.

OAB/RS 112.076 | OAB/SC 64.832

Stella Vielmo Lung

Lawyer and partner at Koetz Advocacia, a specialist in Social Security Law. She is responsible for the social security analysis of new clients and for the social security legal opinion construction, in which the most appropriate services and rights for the client can be identified, based on the reality of their specific case.

OAB/SC nº 65.143

Social Security Team

Karolina Martins

Social Security Cases Analyst

 Guilherme Schuck dos Santos

Backoffice Lawyer

Isabella Almeida

Social Security Plans and Consultations

Daiana Pereira

Social Security Plans and Consultations

Alisson André da Silva

Legal Assistant

Priscila Dufloth de Almeida

Legal assistant

Bruna Vargas

Online Secretary

Carolina Souza

Backoffice Lawyer

Sara Andrade

New Case Analysis Assistant

Carolaine Konflanz

New Case Analysis Assistant

Patrícia Schons

Backoffice Lawyer

Juliane Grassi

New case analysis assistant

Mariana Canals de Oliveira

Legal Controller

Nátaly Araújo

Legal Controller

Carliane Aguiar

New Case Analysis Assistant

Isabela Maira de Souza Amaral

Backoffice Lawyer

Marciele Dal Molin Gasperini

Customer service

Jhonatan Arpini

Customer service

International Team

Victoria Albuquerque

Backoffice Lawyer

Carolina Corrêa Soares

International case Analyst

Gilberto Leonello

Backoffice Lawyer

 Amanda Zandonai

New Case Analysis Assistant

Lucas veloso

New Case Analysis Assistant

 Mariana Lemos

New Case Analysis Assistant

Lorenzo Fonseca

New Case Analysis Assistant


Bianca dos Santos Voltz

Financial analyst

Paola Cruz Sant’ anna

Financial manager


Juliana Koetz

Communication coordination

Madylene Barata

Audiovisual producer and screenwriter

Pamela Lindsey de Leon


Marcelo Koetz

Ads Manager

Thaís Penteado

Copywriter and SEO

Our team purpose 

Justice is an individual life experience of society’s respect for each human being. When looking for a lawyer, the person is living an experience of injustice: the person has suffered an accident and has unmet needs in their treatment, has been injured as a consumer or in a business relationship, has endured social problems and lack of assistance from the State, among many other possibilities.

Access for people to their rights is difficult in Brazil, there are major obstacles for this to happen, resulting in a disconnection between citizens and the law.

As a consequence, this disconnection of people with their rights generates a great social imbalance, as it concentrates the country’s wealth and generates serious social distortions and discredit of the Judiciary itself by society. In this way, end up prioritizing decisions that interest political agents and transforming extreme privileges into “rights”.

Therefore, we have a purpose and this purpose reveals who we are.

Create new connections of Justice and social balance.



Faremos mais que o possível para entregar os direitos aos nossos clientes, sempre.

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