Security Guidelines: be careful not to fall for scams

In recent years, the number of scams against law firm clients has increased. Therefore, we have developed these security guidelines to protect our customers.

Scams look real, why?

In Brazil, data from most processes are public. This way, they are accessible to anyone who consults the process information.

This is why scammers look convincing, as they report accurate data.

In other words, they can tell you your case number, full name, procedural progress, lawyer details, and correct values.

So how to protect yourself? Follow the guidelines below!

Pay attention to the treatment you receive


If the charge is made rudely, with changes in tone and volume of voice, with a lot of insistence and pressure: be suspicious!

This is the treatment that scammers have given to force people to pay.

They act by putting pressure on the customer, so that they feel coerced into paying, even charging exorbitant amounts.

Contact us through official channels

When you sign a contract and power of attorney with our office, we provide you with exclusive means of contact for clients.

You also received a customer service manual, reinforcing these contact channels.

There you will find service emails, depending on the type of case you have with us.

Also, the official WhatsApp number.

  • OUR WHATSAPP IS ONLY: 55 (48) 98836-4316, 55 (48) 9180-2060 and 55 (48) 9180-2060 for internacional clients;
  • Email communications will always be sent by a sender ending in EXACTLY: @koetzadvocacia.com.br

Check the official payment method and details

The settlement of amounts with the office must only be done by depositing it into our account.

  • Our PIX is our CNPJ: 32.928.986/0001-50;
  • If you opt to pay by transfer, Paypal or credit card confirm the account information through one of our official contacts.

Confirm billing and contact with secure channels

To make charges, we will contact you from our number to confirm the charge.

Additionally, if you are suspicious of the charge, please confirm the charge with us using a WhatsApp number or email address that has been contacted by us before.

Do not make deposits that are not confirmed through our official channels!


Faremos mais que o possível para entregar os direitos aos nossos clientes, sempre.

Insira seus dados ao lado e entraremos em contato com você.