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Visa deadlines for foreigners in Brazil

Visa deadlines for foreigners in Brazil who come to the country vary according to the type and purpose of it, but only a few have a social security impact. Understand.

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Types of visa for foreigners in Brazil

Those wishing to come to Brazil must choose the type of visa they need, according to the purpose of the trip.

Thus, to enter or remain in the country, there are options: visit, temporary, permanent, diplomatic, official, and courtesy. Furthermore, within these categories there are subdivisions.

Namely, diplomatic, official, and courtesy visas are particular and less frequent visas, because they are granted to authorities, administrative officials, and foreign personalities.

Visa deadlines for foreigners in Brazil: tourist

In the case of the tourist visa, it will be granted to foreigners who visit Brazil for a short-term stay, that is, without the intention of establishing residence. In this way, the tourist visa does not influence and does not have an impact on social security rights. The cases that fit this type of visa are:

  • Tourism;
  • Business;
  • Artistic or sporting activity;
  • Other hypotheses are defined in regulation.
  • Within these categories there are subdivisions.

Within the period of the tourist visa, the foreigner can stay in the country for up to 90 days, which may be extended by the Federal Police, according to its own criteria, for up to another 90 days. However, the maximum period of stay in the country cannot exceed 180 days in each migratory year. In addition, the validity of this visa is 5 years.

Attention: the length of stay for foreigners traveling for tourism or business in Brazil may vary according to the nationality of the traveler. In this way, it’s possible to observe the criteria in the General Framework of the Visa Regime, organized and updated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, the transit visa has a different deadline. It’s granted to foreigners who enter Brazil to reach another country of destination, with a period of up to 10 days, without extension.

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Visa deadlines for foreigners in Brazil: Temporary

A temporary visa is sought by foreigners in order to establish residence for a specific period of time in Brazil. In some cases, the foreigner must observe precautions with social security. This is because, when the purpose of the stay is related to work, in general, the person must continue to contribute in their country of origin, and not contribute in Brazil. In addition, the person must fall into at least one of the categories below:

  • Research, teaching, or academic extension;
  • Health treatment;
  • Humanitarian reception;
  • Study;
  • Work;
  • Holiday-work;
  • The practice of religious activity or voluntary service;
  • Investment or activity with economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevance;
  • Family reunion;
  • Artistic or sporting activities with a fixed-term contract;

Temporary visas have a maximum term determined by the Migration Law, which begins to run from the date of issue. The term of the temporary visa is from 90 days to 1 year. If the temporary visa is linked to any work, the established term must be checked in the employment contract.

The family reunion visa depends on regulation but may be transformed for an indefinite period if the foreigner meets the mandatory requirements.

The requirements to transform into an indefinite term, in the case of a family reunion, are:

  • reside in the country for at least four years;
  • prove means of livelihood;
  • and submit a negative certificate of criminal record.

Visa deadlines for foreigners in Brazil: Permanent

Permanent visas are granted to those who intend to settle permanently in Brazil. Therefore, this visa will directly impact the social security issue, since contributions, for those who remain active, must be made to the Brazilian social security system. However, those who are already retired need to check the benefits export issues, taxation rules, bank where to receive, etc. The purpose of this visa is to contribute to the creation of specialized labor in the Brazilian territory. Examples of categories that fall under this visa are:

To get a visa to stay permanently in Brazil, you must face bureaucratic processes.

This is because several requirements must be met. For example, investors must prove investment in productive activities in the country of at least R$ 500,000.00 or employ 10 Brazilian employees. A retiree must prove that he can monthly transfer UD$ 2,000.00 from abroad to Brazil. And the spouse will have to prove the bond as a marriage certificate and witnesses.

General information about the Brazilian visa

The Migration Law of 2017 defines a migratory year as the period of twelve months from the date of the foreigner’s first entry into national territory. And the visas have their deadlines determined according to this definition.

The period for the start of counting the visa begins when the foreigner arrives in Brazil and stops counting when he/she leaves the national territory.

It’s important to note that there is a daily fine of R$ 100.00 if the foreigner stays in Brazil after the legal period of stay has expired. The extension of the visa is not automatic, therefore, the foreigner must appear in person at a Federal Police unit to request a longer period before the end of the period granted when entering the country, along with the necessary documentation to start the process. In this case, the requested documentation is:

  • Valid travel document;
  • Entry and exit card received and completed upon arrival in the country;
  • Proof of fee collection;
  • Application form and deadline renewal made available by the Federal Police;
  • Other documents and evidence that the immigration agent deems necessary (proof of accommodation, return ticket, proof of means of subsistence within the period you intend to stay in the country, etc.)
  • Completed form.

Mercosur Citizens

People with a nationality from signatory States of the Mercosur Residence Agreement, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, can obtain temporary residence in Brazil. This is done by requesting a Mercosur Temporary Residence Visa, or even without the need for a visa, directly at the Ministry of Justice.

With the requirements met after 2 years, the temporary residence may be transformed into a residence for an indefinite period, this procedure must be carried out with the Federal Police. Furthermore, the best way to avoid mistakes is to find out about the visa you are interested in – as each one has its own rules and characteristics.

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